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We are a Fee-Only comprehensive financial planning and Investment Advisory firm located in Atlanta, GA. We are a member of Advisory Services Network, LLC ("ASN").

We provide independent, objective, comprehensive, implementation oriented financial counseling based on a strong commitment to client service. We strive to create long term relationships and we have a disciplined process for decision making allowing us to become our clients trusted advisor.

Our goal is to work with clients to create a financial path to their long-term objectives, in the process helping them understand the options and tradeoffs available to achieve their goals. We believe that this process can give clients a feeling that they have choices and at least some measure of control of their financial future.

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Our Services

Income Tax Planning

Before you prepare your tax return, what type of planning is done before December 31? Are you aware of all the tax advantages available to you? Learn more...

Estate Planning

Do you have a will? Does your estate plan reflect your current intentions? Learn more...

Investment Planning

Is your portfolio properly diversified? How do you measure performance in your portfolio? Learn more...

Retirement Planning

Is your investment plan consistent with your needs at retirement? Have you thought about what it would take to retire comfortably? Learn more...

Employee Benefits

Do you feel that you are maximizing your company benefits? Do your benefit plan choices compliment your investments in your brokerage accounts? Learn more...

Risk Management

Have you reviewed your property and casualty coverage recently? When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance needs? Learn more...

Why IntelliPlan Advisors

If you hire people to do things like cut your hair, work on your car and tend to your medical issues it might make sense to get some help when dealing with important financial issues. Increasing complex financial markets associated with a longer life expectancy make working with a financial advisor more important than ever.

Fee-only financial counseling and investment advisory firm

We are unbiased and 100% committed to serving your best interest. You get objective guidance and advice from an independent advisor.

Passion for providing independent advice

We apply the highest standards of integrity in servicing you. We advocate tailored strategies designed to address your individual needs.

Holistic approach to life planning

We integrate client benefit and compensation with strategies for Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Management and Estate Planning. Our comprehensive approach is proactive and implementation oriented.

Investment choice and flexibility

We do not sell proprietary products nor do we accept commissions from third parties. We can help you choose unbiased investment products and strategies from many investment managers. We can offer strategies that are not available to you as an individual investor.


We help you stay accountable for an investment plan and keep you focused on your aspirations.


We bring coordination between the tax, the estate plan and the financial planning areas of your life. Without a financial quarterback calling the right plays the team may not find success and your financial fitness may suffer.


Very few people would willingly trade time with friends and family to manage their investments. We can help with your financial life and perhaps save your marriage by giving you the time to focus on what is really important in your life.

Caring for your spouse

One of the most disastrous life events is when the spouse who takes care of the finances passes away. It is a lonely and difficult time and the other spouse could face responsibilities that are foreign to her/him. We will try to ensure that the surviving spouse is in good hands and makes wise and smart decisions, not emotional or hasty decisions.


We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, tax planning and preparation and wealth management services.

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